June 28 - 30, 2019 Western Gateway Park Friday & Saturday 11AM - 10PM
Sunday 11AM - 5PM

Artist Demonstrations

Professional Artist Demonstrations

Artist Demonstrations presented by



Friday, June 22nd

11 am – Rusty Leffel – Photography – Booth Number GN46

This will be an in-booth discussion where the artist uses their fingers to create a photo-frame as a point of reference for people attending to consider not just the subject of their photograph but also the rest of the world around that is not being pictured. With that, they will launch into a discussion of composition and use some of the photographs in the booth as examples. 

12 pm – Sally Linville – Sculpture – Booth Number GN31C

The artist will bring a Chicken Footstool in the upholstery process to demonstrate the 'Art of Chickening.'

1 pm – Jordan Thorton – Printmaking – Booth Number LN35

This artist is a woodcut/linocut printmaker. Their demonstration will consist of brief overviews on how to transfer an image to a block, some carving tips, and how to handprint with a barren or wooden spoon.

2 pm – Marina Terauds – Printmaking – Booth Number GN55

3 pm – Lynn Krause – Drawing – Booth Number LN38

The artists will demonstrate doing prairie drawings over under painted surface with pastels and pastel pencils

4 pm – William McCarthy – Painting – Booth Number GN18C

5 pm – Ben Schuh & Scott Kaven - Painting – Booth Number GN32C

Live Painting by Gustav

2 artists working as one. Creating at the same time. Drop egos. Ben Schuh and Scott Kaven blend art in new ways.

6 pm  – Diane Kunzler – Drawing – Booth Number GN10

The artists will demonstrate soft pastel drawing using a photo reference. 

Saturday, June 23rd 

11 am – Bala Thiagarajan – Painting - Booth Number LN5

The artist will be demonstrating how to paint their henna-style textured acrylic paintings. Using a piping bag / squeeze bottles to pipe the paints in thick impasto style lines and draw free-hand mandala paintings!

12 pm – Chris Dahlquist – Photography – Booth Numbers LS29 & LS30

Meet this year's featured artist, Chris Dahlquist, and learn how she uses 21st Century technology to reference 19th Century photographs, how she maintains a human hand while employing digital technology, and explore the layers that went in to the 2018 Des Moines Arts Festival's commemorative poster, "Mile Marker 641".

1 pm – Patrick Dragon – Ceramics - Booth Number GS30

The artist will demonstrate painting with clay on clay.

2 pm – Adam Crowell – Wood – Booth Number GS5

An explanation of the physics behind Boxed Music: making wood vibrate at the correct frequency to produce notes that don't sound like they come from wood alone. Then a demonstration of how to play the instruments with hands and/or with mallets. The beauty of the product is that you don't need any musical ability, and a quick tutorial will get anyone playing in moments.

3 pm – Tana Acton – Jewelry - Booth Number LS23

Each person who wants to will have their own frame and bobbins of copper wire to try and do what I do! The artist will explain tension and spacing and the pass through technique and for those excelling, adding kinetics to the mix. They will show their "style" and some assorted ways of doing their OWN thing!

4 pm – Amy Lansburg – Mixed Media - Booth Number LN45

6pm – Laura Baring-Gould – Metalwork -  Booth Number GS10C

While they will not be able to physically demonstrate the process of casting or working with bronze, the artist is eager to share what they do and have done in terms of bronze casting, metal finishing and the bronze patinas through images shared on tablets and hard print books. Therefore, the demonstration will be more of a talk where they present images of their process along side the finished works which visitors can then touch and feel and experience. Visual materials can relate to both smaller pieces that are exhibited in the booth, and the larger public works created in the past for various towns. public parks and museums. 

To assist in a hands-on experience, they will be bringing samples of smaller works that are not fully finished so that people can experience the work and process directly.

Sunday, June 24th

11 am – Allison & Jonathan Metzger – Printmaking -  Booth Number GN2

Hand-Made: Silkscreen on Paper. Midnight Oil Studio & Workshop will explain the process of silkscreen from start to finish, and will demonstrate how to create a simple, 2-layer print by hand. Audience members will be encouraged to participate and all attendees will receive one of the example prints.

12 pm – C.  Smathers –Mixed Media - Booth Number GN45C

The artist will be demonstrating the construction of pine needle baskets with the coiled basketry technique, using pine needles and sewing with raffia or waxed linen.

1 pm – Patrick Dragon – Ceramics - Booth Number GS30

The artist will demonstrate painting with clay on clay.

2 pm – George Raab – Printmaking - Booth Number LN23C

The artist will explain the varied processes used to create their original intaglio prints using a demo plate and materials to illustrate

Emerging Iowa Artists Workshop

presented by 


Enjoy this incredible opportunity to watch and learn from emerging artists. Each emerging artist exhibiting in the festival will host a workshop at the top of the hour listed below. Workshop length varies depending on the artist.

Friday, June 22

4 p.m., Wade Judge

The artist will be demonstrating abstract acrylic pouring using a couple different methods

5 p.m., Shannon Deatrick

The artists will be doing a live figure drawing demonstration that articulates how to mark accurate proportions and capture shape within the human form, working with charcoal on paper.

6 p.m., Gebet Sannoh

The artist will be demonstrating their colorful and amazing landscape prints with very few horses.

Saturday, June 23

11 a.m., Julia Meyer

The artist will be demonstrating carving a linoleum block to make a picture and using a roller and ink to print that picture on to paper.

12 p.m., Cord McMahon

The artist will be creating collages with different types of found paper and images.

1 p.m., Kayla Bates

The artist will be showing how to use nail polish and water to make the interesting background for their art pieces on both small pieces of paper and ceramic tiles.

2 p.m., Becca Schmidt

"Bark Painting”. The artist will be painting a piece of bark (or perhaps several).

4 p.m., Maddy Baker

The artist will be demonstrating painting with either watercolor on paper or a self portrait with oils.

Sunday, June 24

11 a.m., Brett Beasley

The artist will be conducting will be "Handbuilt Sculpture". 

1 p.m., Sarah Johnson

The artist will be demonstrating carving "life size" (2"-3") ceramic bird skulls.

2 p.m., Ryan Koning

The artist will be doing an oil painting demonstration of a simple still life object. This will be done using oil medium, oil paint, turpenoid, and various paint brushes on a palette.