Des Moines Arts Festival
Western Gateway Park June 23 - 25, 2017 Friday & Saturday 11AM - 10PM I Sunday 11AM - 5PM

Featured Artist

The Des Moines Arts Festival® announced Brice McCasland as the 2016 Featured Artist. Brice unveiled his original artwork, Our Liberties We Prize, along with the 2016 commemorative poster, at the Des Moines Art Center as part of the2016 Festival Preview Celebration. 

Brice is a mixed media artist from McKinney, Texas, although his wife, Katie, is originally from Des Moines.  He is also a full-time teacher of visual arts for the McKinney, Texas, school district for grades K-12.

Brice works primarily with oils, but recently began an entirely new body of work through mixed media. "My new work deals with texture and surface via collage and paint to help narrate hauntingly simple landscapes and portraits," Brice said. "It's brought a new weight and purpose to my process, materials, and palette, but still allows me to narrate a story through my art."

"Working with collage allows me to tell a story from our past. I'm obsessed with things that pass through our hands, like old photographs or receipts from a road trip; they all add up to something greater to help tell a story," Brice said. "I like my art to reflect the many layers in life that make each of us who we are."

Brice's piece Our Liberties We Prize reflects on his own experience in Des Moines, which is inspired by his wife Katie who is from here. "I lived in Des Moines in 2001 and have fond memories of my time in Iowa.  Our Liberties We Prize includes many different elements of Des Moines, and even includes a letter from my wife's grandfather, Frank Rich, within the art," Brice said.  

"This is my third year participating at the Des Moines Arts Festival and I'm proud to be here as the 2016 Featured Artist. This Festival adds to the city's rich art scene, and I love talking with the people attending. They ask so many questions! They are interested in what we do and come every year rain or shine. It's an event – part of the culture of the city. There's a very cool patina in Iowa and that's part of what makes Des Moines such a hidden gem," Brice said.