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Friday, June 27th - Room A

11:00 a.m. Metaphysical World 154 Minutes
2:00 p.m. The Grace of Jake 90 Minutes
4:00 p.m. Believe it Anyway! 36 Minutes
4:45 p.m. Moustache 20 Minutes
5:15 p.m. Shorts Selection  
  The Bear 8 Minutes
  Bear Cop 12 Minutes
  Waiting for the End Of The World 26 Minutes
6:00 p.m. Mid Range Double Feature  
  Into The Dark 14 Minutes
  Jildrae Jida 13 Minutes
7:00 p.m. The Best of the 48hr Film Project Screening          120 Minutes
9:00 p.m. Hereditario 20 Minutes

 Friday, June 27th - Room B

11:15 a.m. Walking The Walk: March Against Drone Warfare 30 Minutes
12:00 p.m. CowJews & Indians: How Hitler Scared My Family, and I Woke Up in an Iroquois Longhouse with a Picture of Jesus, Reminding Me, for the Wrong Reason, that I Owe the Mohawks Rent 86 Minutes
1:45 p.m. Shorts Selection  
  Steve's Problem 15 Minutes
  My Forest 7 Minutes
  Limit 7 Minutes
2:30 p.m. Fairwell to Factory Towns 61 Minutes
3:45 p.m. Happy Birthday Tommy 21 Minutes
4:15 p.m. The One Who Loves You 95 Minutes
6:15 p.m. Shorts Selection  
  Chypre 15 Minutes
  Infection 16 Minutes
7:15 Epic Concept 77 Minutes
8:50 The Liar 22 Minutes

 Saturday, June 28th - Room A

11:45 a.m. Journey for Happiness 22 Minutes
12:15 p.m. The Ranch For Kids 68 Minutes
1:30 p.m. Ghosts of Empire Prarie 83 Minutes
3:00 p.m. Midwest Filmmaker Panel 120 Minutes
5:00 p.m. Midwife 103 Minutes
7:00 p.m. Shorts Selection  
  Monotony 2 Minutes
  Into The Dark 14 Minutes
  Infection 16 Minutes
  Waiting For the End of the World 26 Minutes
8:30 Confessions of A Womanizer 90 Minutes

Saturday, June 28th - Room B

12:30 p.m. CowJews & Indians: How Hitler Scared My Family, and I Woke Up in an Iroquois Longhouse with a Picture of Jesus, Reminding Me, for the Wrong Reason, that I Owe the Mohawks Rent 86 Minutes
2:00 p.m. Believe It Anyway! 36 Minutes
2:50 p.m. The One Who Loves You 94 Minutes
4:30 p.m. Metaphysical World 154 Minutes
7:30 p.m. The Best Bar In America 87 Minutes

Sunday, June 29th - Room A

11:00 a.m. Shorts Selection  
  Monotony 2 Minutes
  Into The Dark 14 Minutes
  Infection 16 Minutes
  Waiting for the End of The World 26 Minutes
12:00 p.m. Walking The Walk: March Against Drone Warfare 30 Minutes
12:45 p.m. Midwife 103 Minutes
2:30 p.m. Ghosts of Empire Prairie 87 Minutes

Sunday, June 29th - Room B

11:45 a.m. The Grace Of Jake 90 Minutes
1:30 p.m. Believe It Anyway! 36 Minutes
2:15 p.m. Shorts Selection  
  The Bear 8 Minutes
  The Bear Cop 12 Minutes
  Not Anymore 15 Minutes
3:00 p.m. Tilt 77 Minutes



Interrobang Film Festival 2014 Film Synopsis

The Bear directed by Rachael Sonnenberg (USA)
The story of 9-year-old Elian, and his favorite stuffed bear. 8 mins.

Bear Cop directed by Stephen Corston (Canada)
'Bear Cop' is an action, comedy short film that tells the story of police officer, Hank Decker the Bear Cop. He claims that bears are committing crimes only a human being could do. Shunned by unbelieving colleagues, superiors, and his family. Only rookie officer Stevie Ditko takes Hank's side in his war on furry crime. During Hank's investigation on bears doing 'people crimes' he uncovers a discovery that he never expected and will change his life forever.12 minutes

Believe it Anyways! Directed by Paul Bryan (USA)
Believe it Anyway consists of five silent vignettes, each depicting a different story of the Old Testament of the Christian Bible: the creation narrative, the flood narrative, the story of Abraham and Isaac, the fall of Jericho, and the book of Job. It is set in a chiastic form, reflecting the concentric nature of Hebrew writing and the epic cycle of life and death (to life again). Creation, destruction, wrestling, destruction, creation form the structure for the videos and the music as a five-piece whole. Also, the ensembles reflect this chiastic nature: 11 musicians, 6 musicians, 2 musicians, 6 musicians, 11 musicians (with 2 players at the end that mark a coda attributing to the importance of the middle of the chiasmus). 36 mins

The Best Bar In America directed by Eric & Damon Ristau (USA)
A whiskey-fueled writing assignment takes one man on an epic motorcycle road trip through the bars and taverns of the American West. Sanders is a down-on-his-luck writer on a mission to chronicle every watering hole along the way. With the help of Northway, a fellow traveler and dharma bum, Sanders learns the way of the road and the zen of the bar. Motorcycling the West, sleeping on the ground, chasing mermaids, and drinking in America's most legendary taverns, Sanders experiences firsthand the brotherhood of the bike and the bar. Along the way, he gets advice from Ernest Hemingway and Jim Harrison on writing, drinking, and living life to the fullest. The Best Bar in America is a classic road movie for the modern age. 87 mins

Chypre directed by Anish Dedhia (USA/INDIA)
A young woman Lauren finds her relationship with her husband in troubled waters. The only interesting time is her commute to work where she takes notice of a certain fellow commuter. On one hand Lauren tries to rekindle her relationship with her husband but on the other she continues her silent rendezvous with the fellow lady commuter. The mystery surrounding the two gets deeper as Lauren tries to approach her . The two ladies share a secret that leads Lauren to take a drastic step. 15 mins

Confessions of a Womanizer directed by Miguel Ali (USA)
What happens when a compulsive womanizer becomes best friends with a transgendered prostitute? Confessions of a Womanizer, a hybrid-improv film starring Gary Busey, C Thomas Howell, Andrew Lawrence, Jillian Rose Reed, Kelly Mantle and The Bella Twins. 90 mins

CowJews and Indians: How Hitler Scared My Family, and I Woke Up in an Iroquois Longhouse with a Picture of Jesus, Reminding Me, for the Wrong Reason, that I Owe the Mohawks Rent directed by Mark Halberstadt (USA)
My Jewish family lost its home to the Nazis. I decide to return the reparations to the occupiers of our home in Germany, and I go to Germany to get our home back. In Germany, I suddenly realize I'm a hypocrite: here I am, complaining about the property taken from my ancestors, when in America I'm living on and profiting from the land taken from the Native Americans. And then I have an idea: If Germany owes me for sixty five years of back rent, and I owe the Native Americans for sixty five years of back rent, why not let the Native Americans collect directly from Germany and cut out the middleman? Four Native Americans go to Germany to execute the 'assigned claim.'  86 mins

Epic Concept directed by Yedidya Gorsetman (USA)

Rachel and her boyfriend Evan attend a jam band festival to document an up-and-coming band, The Epic Concept. When Rachel's gear gets stolen, Evan's on a mission to find the missing camera. 74 mins.

Farewell to Factory Towns? Directed by Maynard Seider (USA)
What can residents of communities that have been devastated by deindustrialization do to improve their condition during a time of austerity, war and anti-labor attacks? The film focuses on the introduction of a massive museum of contemporary art in the same buildings that housed Sprague Electric Company in a typical New England mill town. Billed as an engine of economic development, the museum hasn't produced the jobs it promised and the city's downtown is semi-deserted. The film argues that national policy must change and that vibrant unions and social movements are needed to bring about a new 'New Deal' to deal with the social and economic crisis facing U.S. cities today. 61 mins

Ghosts of Empire Prairie directed by Blake Eckard (USA)
Empire Prairie, where Lonnie Enright grew up. He's headed home now, to see his ailing father and little brother. Bad things are coming. Featuring Jon Jost, Frank Mosley, and Ryan Harper Gray.  86 mins

The Grace of Jake directed Chris Hicky (USA)
Fresh out of prison, drifter musician Jake steals a car and says goodbye to California. His destination is Palestine, Arkansas, population 678. It's here where his father lives and works as a crop duster pilot. Jake has never met his father, but holds him responsible for all of life's troubles: failure, jail, the death of his mother. Jake travels intent on revenge, but once he gets to this small town big things start to happen, and Jake learns that his momma may not have been quite so innocent through it all. Jake soon becomes part of a colorful ensemble cast that is as authentic and soulful as it gets. This is a movie about people and place, the characters just as important as the location. 90 minutes

Happy Birthday Tommy directed by Brandon Smalls (USA)
On the morning of his birthday, Tommy's roommates Kristoff and Patrick wake him and his girlfriend Jenna for the tradition of doling out birthday spanks. Since Tommy has to spend most of his day working at the hospital, Patrick resolves to document the day on camera. The roommates do their best to psych him up for the night's festivities before Tommy has to leave for work. 21 mins. 

Hereditario directed by Sergio Lacerda & Johil Carbalho (Brazil)
The film tells the story of three brothers who, after a long time without news of his father, receive from him a letter inviting them to participate in a mysterious job. 20 mins.

Infection directed by David Adesman (USA)
Puberty is rough.. Karen isn't what you might call a normal young girl. When she isn't being home schooled, or locked up in the house with only her controlling mother, she's being forced to compete in beauty pageants that she is never able to win. But when her body begins to change, her and her mothers worlds begin to twist and enmesh 16 min.

Into The Dark directed by Lukas Hassel (USA)
Two men, strapped in back to back, on a journey from Moon to Earth. Just Reality. Real Justice. 14 mins.

Jindairae Jida directed by Kyungsu Kim
A lady who had been composing a musical piece for a gayageum performance is seen busily preparing dinner. However, the image of the happy figure soon fades away (fantasy), and in her place the exhausted and tired features of an old woman appear inside the mirror. At that moment, the wind blows the sheet music into the room, and the elderly woman chases after it and finds the musical competition she dreamed in her youth taking place (fantasy). In her make-believe world, she is a young woman performing her gayageum on stage with great passion. But as her performance reaches its climax, Japanese soldiers appear, sneering and throwing 99 yen worth of coins at her (the amount paid as welfare pension for the victims of the Japanese military sexual slavery). 13 mins

Journey For Happiness directed Marie Vence Thesbjerg (Denmark)
A women travels for happiness on a pilgrimage to the sacred Buddhist site Bodh Gaya in India. She wants to do good, create good karma, and happiness. But how is it possible confronted with unpleasant situations: insisting beggars, locals who cheat her, and her own anger? 22 mins.

The Liar directed by Remsy Atassi
The Liar is a story about choice set at the turn of the 20th century. Lucas and Gabriel are criminals trying to escape the law through a forest path, but quickly find themselves off the path and lost for days. After joining a mysterious Man who offers to show them the way out of the forest, Lucas and Gabriel find themselves in conflict and on a trajectory towards violence. 22 mins

Metaphysical World directed by Eric Kline (USA)
An examination and investigation into the misconceptions within the paranormal field from psychics to possession and much more. Paranormal researcher and producer Eric Kline along with fellow investigator Jackie Means interview several other paranormal researchers, psychics, mental health professionals, Realtors, and the general public to gain a wide range of perceptions on how they feel the paranormal field has evolved along with media and Hollywood influences on it. Eric and Jackie also examine methods of protection against unwanted or malicious spirit energies and test out the Summer solstice to examine its influences on supernatural activity. Metaphysical World covers a bunch of topics for wide audiences. 154 mins

Midwife directed Alllison Kuznia (USA)
Midwife follows Minnesota home birth midwife, Sarah Biermeier (of Geneabirth), during her first year as a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM). The documentary quietly shows the life of a home birth midwife, from prenatals, to births, to postpartums, while also examining what the birth environment looks like in states where home birth midwifery is not legal, and families are faced with fewer birth options. 103 mins

Monotony directed by Joanne Postlewaite (United Kingdom)
In a dystopian future a strange encounter breaks up the monotony of a man's working day. 2 min

Moustache directed by Carl Evans (USA)
Bill falls in love at first sight with a beautiful woman in a jazz club. She plays hard to get with him through her seductive wit, but Bill charms her and proves himself worthy of her attention. It appears that a romance is in bloom until Bill discovers there’s eyes watching his every move. He’s in a notorious mobster’s bar hitting on his girl. He must decide if this woman is worth risking both of their lives for a brief moment of passion in this charming film oozing with classic Hollywood Noir from the golden age of cinema. 20 mins.

My Forest directed by Sebastien Pins (Belgium)
With the view of a child, travel throughout the forest to discover its magic, its mysteries and its meetings. 7 mins.

Not Anymore directed by Mathew Vandyke (USA)
The story of the Syrian revolution as told through the experiences of two young Syrians, a male rebel fighter and a female journalist, as they fight an oppressive regime for the freedom of their people. 15 mins.

The One Who Loves You directed by Katharyn Gran (USA)
It's 1974. Gloria Bethune faces a bleak existence after failing as a singer in New York. She retreats to her small hometown where she falls for a drifter, who claims to be the former manager of a famous Country singer. Through this flawed man's faith in her, Gloria's passion for singing is reborn, but she is pushed into uncharted territory.  95 mins

The Ranch For Kids directed by Jesse Nesser (USA)
American couples adopt children languishing in foreign orphanages, hoping that a loving home will heal the scars of abuse and neglect. Heartfelt becomes heartache when the parents discover that their adopted child suffers from severe psychological and behavioral disorders which now threaten the stability of their home, and sometimes, even the lives of their family members. When all other treatment options have failed, a ranch in the remote Northwestern corner of Montana offers these families one last hope: an unconventional program run by a unique team of people aimed at helping the children control their anti social behaviors. Set against the boundless beauty of rural Montana, The Ranch For Kids is a moving documentary about the elusive journey to unconditional love.68 mins

Steve’s Problem directed by Mike Lars White (USA)
A stranger offers Steve a little help with his pee shyness, only to cause much worse problems later on.15 min.

Tilt directed by Phil Holbrook (USA)
Paul hasn't connected with his daughter for over 10 years, but when their world is turned upside down by an unthinkable act, he has to decide what's more important: doing the right thing or setting things right? 77 mins.

Waiting For The End Of The World directed by Mathew K (USA)
A down on his luck doomsday prophet who begins to question everything as his bitter rival, St. Simon’s 'doomsdate' quickly approaches. His best friend and their Apocalypse Anonymous support group aren’t making things any easier for him.

As the end of the world looms, a desperate Russell takes some unlikely advice from a feisty environmental protester that may be the key to saving his ego and, time-permitting, the world. 26 mins

Walking The Walk: A March Against Drone Warfare directed by James Knight (USA)
In June, 2013, 25 people set out to walk across Iowa to protest a weaponized Predator drone base being planned for the Des Moines National Guard Air Base. Walking the Walk follows their pilgrimage, telling their story and the political story that is the back-ground of their ideals and mission. 30 min.







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The Interrobang Film Festival combines a traditional film production festival with a public screening. Accepted films will be screened at various times throughout the three days of the Des Moines Arts Festival® on June 27–29, 2014 in downtown Des Moines. Check back for an updated schedule for the 2014 Interrobang Film Festival.





Film submissions for the Interrobang Film Festival are now closed. Public screenings of films to be screened will take place at the Des Moines Arts Festival® on June 27–29, 2014, in downtown Des Moines' Western Gateway Park. 



Categories for entry in the competition include Feature, Mids, Shorts, Short Shorts, Documentary and Free Form. Entrants will have the option of applying in either the Professional or Student Competition. Feature films must be from 60-140 minutes in length, mids are films between 15-60 minutes long, shorts must not exceed 15 minutes in length, and short shorts can not exceed one minute in length. 

Submissions will be reviewed by a panel of local jurors, and awards will be determined based on a Best of category system. Cash prizes will be awarded in various categories. Jurors will also award an Iowa Filmmaker Award to a production company or department that is a resident of the state of Iowa. Guests will have the opportunity to view submitted films at various times throughout the three days of the Festival.




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