June 28 - 30, 2019 Western Gateway Park Friday & Saturday 11AM - 10PM
Sunday 11AM - 5PM

John Charbonneau

Santa Fe, NM Medium:Digital Booth:LS6C Artist Website Email John Charbonneau

The image-making process keeps me engaged with both the inner and outer realms and provides a mechanism for more than self-expression; it has set me up with a way of being in the world. Past work has encompassed a broad range of subject matter, from dramatic landscapes to the subtle beauty of village life. Current work includes re-purposing elements of that work, as source material in digitally constructed montages, blending digital painting and photographic elements into photo-realistic dreamscapes.

Cultural confusions in the areas of science, religion and politics, including my own, are of particular interest for making imagery. I often begin with an irony, absurdity or paradox that I've been thinking about, as a visual story. By utilizing the device of combining animal heads, mostly birds, but also other familiar creatures, with human bodies, the constraints of recognition can be replaced with ambiguity and playfulness. An opening to new interpretations of iconic images & ideas may occur. Sometimes, even touchy subjects, with a bit of humor, beget enchanting contemplation or raise meaningful questions. That's my hope.

There isn't a separate part of my life which is distinct from my life as an artist. I’ve learned to take notes whenever I find or have ideas that are interesting and possibly useful for my art. Sources include family life, conversations, dreams, travels, and love of reading. That type of linkage is a great perk of the journey.