June 23 - 25, 2017 Western Gateway Park Friday & Saturday 11AM - 10PM I Sunday 11AM - 5PM
20 Years!

MItch Evans

Baton Rouge, LA Medium:Wood Website:http://www.sonofaslovenian.com Email:mevans267@cox.net

I call myself Son of a Slovenian as a homage to my mother. She, in her infinite wisdom yanked a 12 year old away from a world of football and baseball to a world of Japanese brush stroke lessons. Little did she...or I...realize at that time that a seed was planted. A seed that would lie dormant for many, many years before sprouting back to life. Now, I am completely fascinated with the simple, yet complex beauty of wood. I scavenge the backroads and bayou's of south Louisiana in search of the pearls Mother Nature has hidden deep within each fallen or submerged log. As I extract these hidden pearls, each of them gives me a direction, an idea, an inspiration towards it's final resting place as a piece of art.