June 28 - 30, 2019 Western Gateway Park Friday & Saturday 11AM - 10PM
Sunday 11AM - 5PM

Ruben Fasani

Buenos Aires Medium:Sculpture Booth:GN40 Artist Website Email Ruben Fasani

He combines some techniques in his work: lost wax, fusing glass and formed and weldered Stailess steel. He makes kiln-cast in high temperature.
He likes to discover and experience with the different characteristics and possibilities of glass: transparencies, textures, stretching, etc., all these elements go together with a concept. He use industrial waste in his artistic creation. Currently recycling is important in his work as part of the artistic act itself. “Fragment” Series, outdoor sculptures are crated with a little pieses of recycled glass inserted in a metal shape. The "Naves" Series showing people and goods travelling today around the world . Two or more layers of glass seize forms that trigger the imagination of the observer.
The Silent Multitude” Series is composed of a lot of glass human figures representing different situations for the people to think about. All the pieces are unique, no reproduction