June 23 - 25, 2017 Western Gateway Park Friday & Saturday 11AM - 10PM I Sunday 11AM - 5PM
20 Years!

Glenn Woods

Palm Harbor, FL Medium:Ceramics Website:http://www.potteryboys.com Email:potteryboys@earthlink.net

Primarily decorative in nature, my porcelain pieces are created on a potters wheel, altered, pierced, beaded, and finally assembled. Each piece is glazed with a crystalline glazes, layered to create color blends or special effects. Some of these special effects are a result of combining crystalline and non crystalline glazes.
The crystals in the glaze create a visual delight with round-ish crystalline structures dancing in a field of color - the color ranges from brilliant greens and blues with a high gloss surface to more of an earth tone range of browns, tans, and greens with a silky smooth surface.