Our Mission

The Des Moines Arts Festival® is a multi-day Festival that adds vibrancy to Central Iowa by
creating opportunities for people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to celebrate the arts.

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Our Core Values

Foster Appreciation of the Arts
We strive to educate, inspire and engage our audience toward a heightened
appreciation of visual and other forms of art. 

Celebrate Original Art*
We produce an annual celebration of outstanding original visual art in a festival atmosphere.

Value Community
We respect and celebrate the involvement of all people and seek to enhance the sense of pride in our community.

Deliver the Highest Standards with Integrity and Accountability
We value professionalism and quality.  We operate in a fair and honorable manner with transparency.
We are strong financial stewards. We manage with responsibility and maximize value to our partners.

Strategically Innovate
We seek to harness new and creative ideas for the betterment of the festival and community.


Our Vision

Within the next five years, the Des Moines Arts Festival® will be known for its innovations in audience
and artist engagement, and leadership in providing a model to other organizations for high quality execution.


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