June 22 - 24, 2018 Western Gateway Park Friday & Saturday 11AM - 10PM
Sunday 11AM - 5PM

Performing Arts

eVenti Verticali presented by Athene

eVenti Verticali stems from vertical dancing. Vertical spaces become floors on which the performers, supported by harnesses and suspended on ropes, dance, jump, run, perform...using the walls as orthogonal working surfaces.

Vertical Theatre is a language that brings together different art forms, starting from Theatre and circus, graphics, acrobatics, dance and music, to visual comedy and new technologies. All of these different disciplines get reinvented and adapted to unusual and impressive vertical locations: towers, buildings façades, bell towers, walls, cliffs, trees and great outdoors.

Founded in 2006 from an idea of Andrea and Luca Piallini, eVenti Verticali has sinrealizedrealised courses and shows all around the world promoting the Vertical Theatre in twenty different countries. The idea of working on vertical surfaces came up in 2003, while performing a rope descent from a window during a show in Gdansk.

eVenti Verticali is presented at the Des Moines Arts Festival by  

Secret Walls presented by Wells Fargo

The "Fight Club" of the art scene, inspired by Marvel comics and graffiti. A fixture in the global art community for over 11 years, Secret Walls is the World's premier live art event. Secret Walls brought global, and unparalleled live illustration battles to the creative terrain of Shoreditch in 2006. The cool simplicity of a monochrome palette mixed with the invigorating effects of time constraint has proven to be a winning concept. Today, over one thousand shows have been witnessed by the masses in almost every continent.

Aspiring artists of all styles and backgrounds contend on the global platform. They're armed solely with black markers or acrylic paint, with the challenge of filling a large canvas. Two key formulas have ensured the world-spreading popularity of Secret Walls. First, its inherent simplicity: two artists or teams have 90 minutes to coat their white walls of up to 25ft high in black markered or painted images, while the crowd cheers in decibels for their vote. Second, the entertainment value of the event is what turns the crowd into a fan base. In conjunction with DJs, voting power and time pressure, comes also the thrill of watching freestyle artwork unfold before one’s eyes.

It's an experience that connects the audience to the artist as they watch them freestyle on a large piece before their eyes, showing the process of the work that we are so used to seeing as finished pieces in galleries.

Enjoy the thrill of watching freestyle artwork unfold before your eyes on Friday, June 23 at 5 p.m. on the Hy-Vee Main Stage with local Des Moines high school students Kenny "Sol" Tram and JJ Emanuh (@jj_emunah) competing with the help of local artist Mujo Ramic (@mujo_ramic) against two all-star Secret Walls professional artists Brian Butler (@upperhandart) and Frank Zilla (@frankz1lla).

Fantastick Patrick

The Fantastick Patrick show is an explosion of comedy and incredible tricks. The show is great for any age group that likes to have fun.

Bill Robison

For over 25 years, Bill Robison has charmed audiences young and old around the world with his unique and masterful style of physical comedy. Using his rubber-like face, elastic body and limitless energy, he transports audiences to a zany, unpredictable and hilarious world.

His performances are a synthesis of outlandish comedy, a penchant for the absurd and a reckless sense of abandon.

His extensive background in all types of theatrical and physical performance allows him infinite creativity in creating seamless comic situations, combining the timeless feel of old Vaudeville with European style clowning.